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Our world is being devastated by chemicals, or from poisonous by products of chemically based manufacturing, farming, productions on beauty and cosmetics enhancements, etc., producing hazardous wastes that harm human lives and our environment, per se. Therefore, our generation today, consumers held in tuning up with Organic and Natural products in the marketplace. But why choosing Organic and/or Natural Products? Let us give you few of the advantages of using these kind of products:In general, it’s eco-friendly, not only good for our skin but also to the environment. Using these kinds of products for ourselves as human being, is not only about caring our own health, beauty, nor the entirety of our lives, but we are also giving back our respect to mother nature, preserving the natural resources, indeed. These products are of significantly less, or they are completely free of, potentially toxic ingredients.Second, these products are of non-artificial color or fragrances, which the same are extracted from, to mention few sources, such as coconut oil, lavender oil, Argan Oil, moringa oil, ginger oil, olive oil, shea butter, and more. These natural extracts give fresh, clean, pleasant aroma and colors, as is Third, the skin considered to be the largest organ protecting our entire body, inside out. It is where we apply cosmetics or beauty enhancement products that may be absorbed directly to our bloodstream. That is why, we need to be very careful in choosing our products. We need to consider always the benefits and harmful effects to whatever we apply in our body, from head-to-toe. To sum up above, the ingredients in natural and organic products are coming from the nature and are therefore purer; there is smaller risk of allergies, skin irritations or any other reactions that might harm us. It is not only balancing our beauty, healthy lifestyle but also in protecting the environment, with no animal testing required in its production and/or in gauging any side effects of such products

Who We are?

Be Organic Company for Perfumes and Cosmetics SPC started with the idea of filling the gap and shortage of natural and organic gentle skin care and hair beautification products that have yet to exist. Committed to only providing what is best, and to highlight the beauty of every woman and the brilliance of every man, and caring for children and adults alike, decided this group to held natural products to give users what is better and more effective with a commitment to safe, natural, and organic products. It has started its operations in Kuwait marketplace in 2013 and is continuously engaging in extending its market from individual consumers, to hotels, spas, healthcare facilities, beauty enhancement avenues, and the like. Be Organic Company for Perfumes and Cosmetics SPC is composed of its Management, Operations and staffs who are dedicated and exists to help consumer and environment preserve the natural beauty of everyone, inside out. We are composed of dynamic team of Technical, Medical, Optimistic, Customer-oriented, and people of good hearts.​

Our Mission

Our sole purpose is to simply help not only women but also every individual in the family to and proper personal care that is 100% safe, natural, and organic. We aim to enhance the beauty, wellness, and health of each distinct individual with products of exceptional qualities that serve to take good care of everyone from head-to-toe, without any qualms regarding any side effects.Nonetheless, we do not merely care for your external wellness, beauty, and outer appearance. We are as equally mindful of your internal health and well-being and in preserving our environment.

Our Vision

Be Organic Company for Perfumes and Cosmetics SPC aims to lead to adopt family and environmental welfare through the supply of high-end and safe products. We are pursuing such aim that shall lead us to the summit of market leadership in safe, natural & organic cosmetics, relaxation & healthy lifestyle up to food segments, not only in Kuwait, but to penetrate the entire Gulf States.

Our Philosophy

We believe in satisfying our business partners / consumers in the context of responsible, sincere relationship by providing safe and high- quality products. We attend to our clients’ needs promptly in the most professional means and devotedly provide unwavering support and produced cost-effective goods.

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